The Flat To Fast method is the program for women struggling with iron and vitamin deficiency related anaemia.


I'm curious... does this reasonate?

You are feeling tired, perhaps frustrated and unsure of what to do and where to get help. 

You want to get back on track quickly so you can return to the activities you really love.

Because you’ve got this sense of hunger and urgency, time wasting is just no longer an option.

You want to make progress, feel energised and see returns on your training investment.

You know you need to focus on your health so you can perform at your best and avoid future setbacks. 

Anaemia Recovery Program

Where you'll learn how to:

  • Obtain accurate pathology tests and what they mean
  • Identify the early warning signs of iron deficiency anaemia
  • Identify the underlying causes of iron deficiency and anaemia
  • Fuel your body and restore nutrient levels
  • Make the best food choices for boosting iron and vitamin levels for plant based and meat consuming athletes
  • Optimise performance through gut health
  • Better understand and manage women’s health challenges such as hormonal imbalances and heavy periods that impact on iron loss
  • Choose the most suitable treatment options for you
  • Prevent future nutrient deficiencies and anaemia

Your In-depth Personal Guide for sportswomen with fatigue Includes:

education and information

Access to a delicious iron rich recipes, meals plans and shopping lists

1:1 Support

Initial comprehensive health assessment and review

A personalised treatment plan

On-the-spot treatment alterations

Referral to pathology blood testing and other investigations if necessary

Symptom tracking, monitoring, health journals and assessments

Two additional 1:1 online review consultations to up-level your results and maintain your progress.

Ongoing access to high quality medicines through an online dispensary

A supportive community to cheer you on

Access to the Anaemia Recovery Program

Private Facebook community for ongoing support where you can share ideas and ask questions


BONUS 1: E-recipe book Healthy Snacks for Busy Athletes
A collection of delicious gluten-free snack recipes to help you stay well-fuelled and energised.

BONUS 2: 5% discount on Normatec pants hire or purchase- perfect for recovering from your next event or training.

Normatec is an advanced form of dynamic compression therapy used by athletes all around the globe. Find out more here.


“Thanks so much for all of your expert advice and support over the course of the anaemia program. I was really thrilled to set a new PB after resolving my health issues!- I have struggled with fatigue for years, and to finally understand why and how to revent it from happening again was an absolute light bulb moment!”
“Oh I am LOVING the treatment plan and learning modules. I can take everything in my stride and not feel rushed. “
“I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for your care, patience and support through your program. I am feeling and performing so much better. Thank you so much Kate.”

Anaemia Recovery Program

12 weeks of individual support from a qualified Sports Naturopath, Olympian and Holistic Coach with self paced learning to fast track your progress.

This program IS for you if you want to:

  • Ditch your unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath, and foggy head
  • Be well supported with an individualised approach
  • Better understand how to identify the warning signs, how to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment options
  • Get the most out of your performances
  • Eat a wide variety of food that will fuel your body
  • Address the underlying causes of your iron deficiency and anaemia so you can reduce the risk of future deficiencies
  • Understand how as a female athlete your hormones and iron status are linked

This program is NOT for you if:

  • Are not prepared to take responsibility for your health, make changes or follow a carefully designed treatment plan
  • Are unwilling or unable to access the internet and turn up for your scheduled appointments
  • Do not have time to invest into restoring your health
  • Just want a quick fix and don’t want to resolve underlying issues
  • You are not in a financial position to invest in your health

I am sick of feeling so tired

About Kate Smyth

Kate certainly knows what it’s like to face challenges when pursuing a dream.

Looking back, she is grateful for the many challenges and obstacles she encountered along her eight year journey from fun runner to Olympic marathoner (2008 Beijing Olympics).

She believes there isn’t just one way to health. Kate’ educates female athletes, on to achieve optimal health and in doing so reach lifetime goals.

On the back of her deep desire to help other athletes overcome many of the same health issues she faced such as anaemia, fatigue, hormonal disruption, and poor gut health, she created the Flat to Fast Anaemia Recovery Program.

Kate has completed three university degrees including a Masters and a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Her thirst for knowledge has led her to undertake further studies in sports nutrition, female hormonal health, digestive and thyroid health .. just in case you are wondering.

She coaches, mentors and runs training camps for many of Australia’s most promising female distance athletes.

As an athlete, coach and business owner she understands what it can be like to juggle many priorities at once.  She is an advocate for targeted, realistic, practical, and effective approaches to heath and fitness specifically tailored to individuals.


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