A comprehensive solution for female endurance runners who desire a balanced approach to health, nutrition, and training.

Online endurance running coach

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You are a keen runner with a strong desire to improve your performance .

You want to feel confident, energised, and competition-ready.

You have an inner drive to become your best version of yourself.

You are interested in working with an expereince female endurance running coach

You want to achieve your goals and be in good health.

Female Friendly Endurance running

Our female endurance running coach provides a holistic approach to health and running for recreational and elite runners.

We provide individualised running programs for female endurance runners interested in 5km - marathon distances.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Train smart not hard to obtain your gaols
  • Understand how your female physiology works and how to enhance your endurance and energy levels
  • Manage your mindset so you can perform to your best as well as overcome any challenges along the way
  • Tailor your sports nutrition to your individual requirements for optimal performance and recovery
  • Optimise hormonal balance and better understand and manage women’s health challenges such as heavy periods or PMS so you can train and perform at your best regardless of your menstrual cycle
  • Resolve injuries and keep niggles and inflammation under control
  • What it takes to obtain your best performances from an Olympian (Kate Smyth)
  • Maintain your fitness across all life stages including teenage years, pregnancy, post partum, menopause and beyond.

Female endurance coaching includes

training plan, nutrition and health

Personalised endurance running coaching and training plan for 6 months (suitable for 5km, cross country, 21.1km, and marathon 42.2km)

Sports nutrition advice

Health evaluation and guidance 

1:1 Support

An initial comprehensive health assessment and training review

A personalised holistic health treatment plan

6 months of coaching and support by an Olympian marathoner

Referral to pathology blood testing specific for endurance athletes and your individual requirements

Unlimited online support

A supportive community to cheer you on

Exclusive invitation to attend bi-annual female running camps  

Weekend retreats with other like-minded female runners

Online group discussions


BONUS 1: eRecipe book Healthy Snacks for Busy Athletes
A collection of delicious gluten-free snack recipes to help you stay well-fuelled and energised.

BONUS 2: Recovery eBook

When it comes to performance recovery is key!  We’ve pulled together a useful guide for athletes of all levels. Learn what form of recovery is right for you. We’ll teach you some of the most widely utilised strategies including targeted electrolyte hydration, recovery nutrition, dynamic compression therapy, cold water, and temperature contrast strategies.

BONUS 3: A 10% discount on Normatec pants hire or purchase

Perfect for recovering from your next event. Normatec is an advanced form of dynamic compression therapy used by athletes all around the globe. Read about this system here.

If you’re not sure where to start, call me n 0400 221 267 to discuss your situation and let’s see if we are a good fit.  


"I have been working with Kate for over three years now and she has helped me not only athletically, but in also in my everyday lifestyle. She is always extremely dedicated, caring and generous with her time and leaves no stone unturned."
Virginia (Commonwealth Games Marathon, World Championships X Country)
“Thanks so much for all of your expert advice. I’m really thrilled to have a new PB at the ripe old age of nearly 49 (gulp!) - I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to improve at this point in my running journey and I’d kind of made my peace with that so it was a lovely little surprise! “
(Female runner aged 49 yrs)
“It’s amazing having a coach who’s so knowledgeable about nutrition and naturopathy as well as running!“
JB ( runner)

female endurance coaching

6 months of individual online support with individualised training, nutrition and health strategies to get you competition ready.

About Kate Smyth

Kate certainly knows what it’s like to face challenges when pursuing a dream.

Kate faced many challenges and obstacles during her eight year journey from fun runner to Commonwealth and Olympic marathoner (2006, Commonwealth Games and 2008 Beijing Olympics). She obtained her personal best time of 2:28 for the marathon in Nagano, Japan at 35 years of age.

Kate believes there isn’t just one way to better health and performance. Her mission is to educate female athletes on how to make the most out of being a female athlete through a holistic and balanced approach. 

On the back of her deep desire to help other athletes overcome many of the same health issues she now dedicates her time to improving female athletic performance and health.

Kate has completed three university degrees including a Masters and a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathic medicine). She has also undertaken additional training in thyroid health, sports nutrition, digestive health and female athlete hormones…. just in case you are wondering.

She coaches, mentors and facilitates training camps for aspiring runners including some of Australia’s best distance athletes.

Kate is also a celebrant supporting families through holding meaningful ceremonies for loved ones. She has a special interest in baby/ infant naming days and memorial services for infants, babies, stillborn babies and loss through miscarriages.

As an athlete, coach and business owner she understands what it can be like to juggle many priorities. She is described by her patients as compassionate, warm, grounded, realistic, practical, and knowledgeable.

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